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Teaching strategies to counter workplace violence.



Today's unfortunate reality is that big or small, workplace violence incidents have touched businesses, schools and organizations of all types and demographics throughout the country.

And in response to that reality Alexo Corporation has been comprised of currently active law enforcement professionals who specialize in tactical situations and training.  Their passion is to protect and defend, and their credibility is decades of training and real world experience.  With their expertise they can assist organizations in mitigating potential workplace violence risks and create a safer work environment. 

Companies and organizations have a procedure in case of a fire, a sexual harassment policy, and a natural disaster plan, they need a workplace violence strategy.




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This seminar addresses the realities of workplace violence events, and the police and emergency services response.  Also provides a forum for questions and concerns many people may have.


SWAT officers see buildings and facilities differently than most, they see them from a tactical viewpoint.  This assessment provides organizations with a simple, but effective, workplace violence response plan customized to their facility.


Expert assistance in the development of an organization's workplace violence policy and operational plan, as well as ways to safely test that plan.


Our team

We take pride in educating and advising companies, schools and organizations to prevent workplace violence everywhere.


25 yrs Law Enforcement / B.S. Criminal Justice / SWAT Supervisor

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24 yrs Law Enforcement / B.A. Criminal Justice / SWAT Lead Instructor

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Emergency Preparedness Expert

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What attendees
are saying

“I wanted to say thanks for the Active Shooter class you presented on at Schmitz Park. First of all, I'm a retired educator, and I've never seen so many educators paying attention at a class. Second, I truly appreciated the practice information on what to do in case I'm caught in an active shooter situation. The list of warning signs was particularly helpful.”

— KB (Schmitz Park Elementary)

"Jeff was excellent! The presentation was very good, well prepared, thoughtful and impactful. I think there was a nice balance between the 'graphic' information, and providing useful information about what you can do in the situation. I would recommend it to anyone."

— CS (Unico Properties)

"(Jeff’s) thoughtful approach to PREVENT, PREPARE and REACT to Active Shooters was in depth and informative. Performing a risk assessment of a work environment enables employers to recognize possible stressors, signs and symptoms that would help identify an employee at risk."  

— DM (IntL. Medical Surgical Response Team)

"Tonights class tailored for a large group of Seattle area educators was outstanding! Jeff's presentation helped us think through how to grow our awareness of potential threats, how to prepare for the unthinkable and how to best react in a situation to protect the children at our schools."

— KS (Seattle Farm School)


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